How do I hire a Minnesota workers compensation lawyer?

How do I hire a Minnesota workers compensation lawyer that can protect your rights to benefits?

Getting a minnesota work comp lawyer can seem like a difficult ordeal. Questions come up as to how much it will cost, when is a good time to retain a lawyer, and how it will affect your case. We attempt to provide answers to those questions.

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Contact our office for FREE consultation to discuss your case and how we can help you. 855-354-2667 or fill out a contact form.

Free No Hassle Consultation

During our initial consultation with you, the injured worker, we spend time gathering information surrounding the injury and accident, medical treatment, and the present status of  your workers’ compensation case.  From there, we discuss any relevant past injuries or accidents so as to better assess what role the present injury may have on your current condition.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

After we have spent time discussing the above items, we then go through the workers’ compensation benefits, including wage loss, permanency, rehabilitation, and medical expenses.  We will then discuss with you our opinions concerning your case and whether we believe you need to retain a lawyer.  We provide a no hassle consultation.  No injured worker is required to make a decision about retaining our services unless they wish to.

We Try Cases

We feel very strongly that after you speak with our office or even after you speak with another lawyers’ office, you will find that the services we provide are second to none.  We provide kind and professional service to all of our clients.  We are responsive as the injured worker can always contact our office and speak with a live person. When we accept a case, we agree to take the necessary steps to be successful at trying your case. This means gathering your records, meeting with your doctors, taking depositions and trying your case if necessary.  If you retain us we are 100% committed to assisting you. Our office has not been ranked as one of the best law firms in Minnesota in US News World Report for no reason.  One of the main reasons is because we are willing to take cases, including yours, to the compensation judge for a decision or to the appellate court. We have been trying cases at the Law Office of Thomas Mottaz since 1989.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Attorneys and Staff

Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.  We have over 15 administrative staff members, including secretaries, paralegals, receptionists, and file clerks. You will always get professional customer service with our firm.

Our lawyers have been ranked as Super Lawyers and Rising Stars as listed in Super Lawyers Magazine for many years.  The lawyers have presented at hundreds of conferences, seminars and CLEs throughout Minnesota and have been held out within the legal community as some of the best and most experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Minnesota. Additionally, Mr. Mottaz has been the co-editor of the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Deskbook which is used by other attorneys, paralegals and judges for guidance. Mr. Kempston has also been a frequent contributor to the deskbook.

We have been the Minnesota Law Firm that other law firms, attorneys, judges, claims representatives and others refer their loved ones, friends and colleagues to for their workers’ compensation needs. We do what needs to be done to win and to be successful.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with one of our lawyers, please feel free to contact the Law Office of Thomas Mottaz and an appointment can be scheduled immediately either in person or on the phone.


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