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If you are completely off of work due to an occupational injury or disease, you may be entitled to temporary total disability (TTD) benefits for that period of time you are disabled. However, you are also required to conduct a “diligent” job search during that period of time unless the job search would be futile, you are completely off of work and/or the employer is planning on returning you to the date of injury employment.


TTD benefits are found when the employee’s physical condition, together with his training, experience, and type of work available in his community cause the employee to be unable to obtain anything but sporadic employment at an insubstantial wage. Incidentally, Temporary benefits can be discontinued if the employee does not conduct a diligent job search.

It is important that you look for work and perform a diligent job search. There are many ways you can conduct a diligent job search. For example, if you are need of assistance in finding employment request a QRC or contact the Vocational Rehabilitation Unit through the DOLI. These services are available to assist you to return to gainful employment.

During your job search efforts make sure you are documenting your job search in your job logs. If you are in need of job logs, you can download them from my website at the following link. Make sure you stay on top of your job search and document who you talk to and when. Try to set goals of certain amount of contacts a day or per week.

When you are looking for work there are various resources that may be of assistance to you including:

In my own experience most of my clients find jobs from people they know either through family, friends or coworkers. Networking can be extremely beneficial when looking for employment.

Looking for work can be one of the most frustrating tasks especially when you are dealing with a work related injury. Make sure to stay in contact with your attorney and QRC regarding any difficulties and obstacles you may run into regarding your job search. Having people assisting you can make a big difference.