Minnesota Workers Compensation Settlements

Work Injury Settlements | Minnesota Workers Compensation Settlement

In Minnesota anywhere between 80-90% of all workers compensation cases reach settlement before going to court.  Consequently, there is generally some discussion during a workers’ compensation claim as to whether it is appropriate to settle all or some the work comp benefits. Are you considering a workers compensation settlement? Below is some helpful information to consider during a MN workers’ compensation case and settlement.



Following a work injury, there is no bad time to meet with a workers’ compensation lawyer.  All meetings are private and confidential.  An attorney can help you with even the smallest of cases and assist in monitoring your claim and making sure there are no issues.  Waiting until there are issues may not always be in your best interest.


Meeting with a workers’ compensation lawyer for an initial consultation is free with no obligation to sign. Talk to a Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyer today by calling (855) 354-2667.  It is a free consultation and there is no obligation to retain a lawyer.  You can discuss your case with a lawyer and obtain the advice you need to get your life back on track.