Getting rehab on it

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When you have a work related injury, sometimes all you need is a little help to get back on our feet. That is one of the reasons why rehabilitation services are offered to injured workers through Minnesota workers’ compensation. If you are injured at work, you may be eligible for rehabilitation services if you are in need of medical management and/or help returning to work because of your injury.

The general purpose of rehabilitation is to help injured workers to return to their former employment or to modified employment that will bring them as close as possible to their pre-injury economic status.

Rehabilitation services are provided through the help of a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC). A QRC can help with modifying an existing job to your restrictions, assisting with a job search with a new employer and possibly retraining for a new job.

If rehabilitation services are thought to be helpful, you are to request an initial consultation with a QRC.

An initial rehabilitation consultation is to be provided to you upon request. Once a consultation is requested, the employer must provide a QRC unless a waiver is filed by the employer.

You have a right to choose a QRC at the beginning of rehabilitation services or within 60 days following the filing of the rehabilitation plan.

If you are having problems getting rehabilitation services contact an attorney and/or the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.