What Type of Treatment Can I Get From My Work Injury?

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Are you asking yourself, “what type of treatment can I get from my work injury?” The workers’ compensation insurer is responsible to pay for all the medical care and treatment that’s related to treating and curing the injury. This means that the insurer pays anything that’s appropriately related to treat and cure the workplace injury.

What Type of Treatment Can I Get From My Work Injury: Medications and Medical Devices

Depending on the injury, the insurer will pay for the costs of medication, chiropractor visits, physical therapy, surgery, neurological visits, follow-up care, and more. If you’ve received a devastating injury, the insurer will pay for nursing and staff to provide you with the long-term care you need. 


Most often, an insurer will cover medications and medical devices in relation to your workplace injury. For example, if you experienced a head injury while working, workers’ compensation will cover the cost of all of your care. As a result of the head injury, you developed vision problems that require special treatment with prism glasses. Your workers’ compensation insurer will cover the cost of the follow-up visits, specialists, specialty glasses and any other additional care you need in regards to your head injury.

Let’s say you were to have a previous injury that wasn’t related to your work, but you were hurt on the job again and it exacerbated your previous injury. Workers’ compensation will cover the cost of canes and crutches to help you walk. In addition, workers’ comp insurance will also pay for additional care you need to heal the exacerbated injury. However, it’s important to keep in the back of your mind that the insurer will try to fight back against paying as much towards your care as they possibly can. That’s why it’s so important to hire a dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer, who will fight for your rights and health against a workers’ compensation insurance company. 

What Type of Treatment Can I Get From My Work Injury: Mental Health Care

Physical treatments aren’t the only thing a workers’ compensation insurance company will pay for. Mental health care is also covered under workers’ compensation. If you developed PTSD as a result from the injury you experienced while at work, you’re eligible for your treatment to be covered by your employer’s insurance company. In addition, if you’ve developed depression or anxiety because of your injuries, you can also get your treatment covered by workers’ compensation. 

Durational Caps for Injuries

While there are a lot of treatments that are covered under workers’ compensation, there are limitations to some of these treatments. Some of the treatments have duration caps, but there are departures that allow for additional injuries in situations where it’s appropriate to continue receiving care.

The most important thing to remember when you’re getting treatment for your work injury, is to find a quality doctor. Finding a specialist that’s really good at what they do to help care for you is important for speeding up your recovery time and ensuring you’re able to make a full recovery after your injury. 

Receiving the Treatment You Deserve for Your Workplace Injury

When you’re hurt at work, the last thing you should worry about is whether or not your treatment is going to be covered by workers’ compensation. With the right workers’ comp legal team on your side, you’ll have exp[earned legal professionals fighting for every step of your treatment against your employer’s insurance company. 

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