Who Is Liable for Minnesota Work Injuries?

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If you sustain injuries on the job, it’s important to know who is liable for Minnesota work injuries and how to protect your rights. This can be especially confusing if you’re not sure what type of accident caused the issue. To answer these questions and others about workers’ compensation laws in Minnesota, we’ve broken down some facts about Minnesota employment law.

Employer Liability

An employer is typically the person who is liable for Minnesota work injuries. If the injuries occurred on the job and the employee was performing within the scope of their duties at the time of the accident, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide compensation.

Employers are responsible for providing a safe environment and workers with the equipment, tools, and training needed to perform their job safely. In addition, employer’s also bear the burden of ensuring that their employees do not suffer from any medical condition that could make them unsafe, such as alcoholism or drug addiction.

Who Is Considered an Employer in Minnesota?

An employer is a person or organization that employs others to work for them. The employer will supply the equipment and training the employees require to safely and efficiently complete their tasks. In addition, they will pay their employees regularly and provide perks like health insurance and retirement programs, if applicable.


Common Law Employees

In Minnesota, an employee is someone working for another person or business. In addition to receiving compensation, the employee must have some say over their labor. In an employee-employer relationship, the employer has the right to govern the manner and means of work performance, and the when, where, and how of work.

Who Is Liable for Minnesota Work Injuries for Third-Party Liability?

In Minnesota, a third party can be liable for your work injury if they were negligent. The term “third-party liability” describes situations in which a person sustains physical harm due to another party’s carelessness or recklessness. Third-party liability can result from more typical causes, such as faulty products or negligent drivers who cause workplace accidents.

Who Is Liable for Minnesota Work Injuries for Independent Contractors?

In Minnesota, your employer is not liable for your injuries if you’re a contract or freelance worker. However, if you sustain an injury on the job, and it was due to faulty equipment or unsafe conditions, then your employer could be held liable for those damages.

Who Is Liable for Minnesota Work Injuries for Unemployed Individuals?

If you sustain an injury during a job but the company did not hire you or consider you an employee, then your employer will not be held liable for your injury.

To be considered an employee or employer, you must have performed work on behalf of someone else. If you did work for a company but received payment from a third party and had no other relationship with that company, then they will not be considered liable for your injuries.

Additionally, if you were injured while working for your own small business without employees except yourself, you will not be covered under workers’ compensation laws.

Hiring a Work Injury Lawyer

Finding a lawyer that specializes in work injury cases is crucial. Workers’ compensation lawyers help injured workers recover their lost wages, medical benefits, and other expenses from their employers. They also help victims obtain compensation for pain and suffering. 

You should always report your injury case, even if you are worried about negative retaliation from your workplace. A work injury lawyer can help you by evaluating your case, explaining your options, and providing advice on how to proceed. They can also represent you in negotiations with an insurance company or court if necessary.

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