Discrimination & Retaliation

Discrimination, retaliation or harassment for reporting a work injury or illness.

Our firm understands the stress and fear that can come along with problems at work. We know that you and your family depend on your paycheck. We also know that the personal relationships you develop on the job can be important to you and you do not want to rock the boat. However, if your employer or supervisor is taking unlawful actions against you, you have the right to say something. One of our lawyers can educate you about your options and empower you to take the next step.

An employer cannot retaliate against, punish or threaten an employee for reporting a work injury or filing a workers’ compensation claim. Unfortunately, an employer may take actions against an employee to reduce costs or limit future exposure. For example, an employer may accuse an employee of unfounded performance issues, create or allow a hostile work environment, or even terminate an employee.

Contact us today if you believe your employer is taking action against you because you were injured at work. One of our lawyers will talk to you about your situation and help you understand your options – at no cost to you.

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