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How do I find a Minnesota workers' compensation lawyer?

Surprisingly, finding a workers compensation lawyer can often times be easy. Type in Google  “Workers Compenation attorney” and there you go.  However, finding the “right” attorney can be a little more difficult if you don’t know what to look for or even ask. Anyone can buy an advertisement or claim to be the best, but how do you find the right attorney? Be careful of just the slogans:

  • I’ll Fight for you
  • X amount of combined years of experience. In other words adding all of the lawyers years of experience in the office to come up with a number.
  • Argued hundreds of cases
  • Recovered x amount for a particular client.
  • Don’t be tricked by the insurance company

Despite these advertisements and proclamations many attorneys fail to stress one of the most important attributes any great attorney must have – listening. One of the biggest complaints of injured workers who want to switch their attorney is that can’t be heard or even communicate with their lawyer.  We don’t need to explain why this would be the most important part of the case. 

The second most important attribute is just plain hard work. No matter how smart someone is or how great a talker a lawyer may be, if they are not going to do the work on your case then your chance of success goes down. Hard work translates to better preparedness for conferences, hearings, etc. This translates to a better outcome for your case. While no case can be guaranteed a Judge does not like an unprepared attorney.

So how do you find a lawyer with these qualities? Again we would say you’ve come to right place but in order to continue with your research the two things you should look at are:

  • Meet with the attorney either in person or over the phone.  Ask questions and observe.  Are they really listening to you about your case? Are they looking at their watch the entire time? Do they have staff to help with your case? What was your first impression? 
  • What do client reviews like Google and Avvo say about them? What does their negative reviews say? What does the attorney say about the negative reviews? 

Our staff are here to help you and provide the legal service you deserve. Let us help you. Be empowered. Be educated.