Minnesota Work Injuries Declining

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A good sign for Minnesota is that work injuries have been on the decline.  In 2017, Minnesota saw its lowest reported number of work injuries. The 2017 Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s study showed that in addition to the reduction in the number of injuries, the study revealed the following:

  • 50% of the injuries sustained were sprains, strains or tears.
  • 17% of the injuries were from falls on the same level while 6% of the injuries were from violence in the workplace.
  • 21% of the injuries were caused by structures or surfaces while 8% were caused by tools, instruments or equipment.
  • 23% of the work injuries were to the arms and hands.
  • 18% of the work injuries involved the back and 8% involved the head and neck.

Minnesota work injuries come in all shapes and sizes. It is always important to make sure that the appropriate safety precautions are in place and that employees are using appropriate body mechanics to avoid injury or insult.

Even with the appropriate safety procedures in place and appropriate care when working, work injuries can occur. As an employee it is important to understand your rights following a Minnesota work injury. Unlike many other areas of law speaking with an attorney about your work injury is free. As such you should stay empowered and informed by talking to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Contact our office for free no hassle consultation.