What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a Minnesota Work Injury Law Firm?

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Choosing which Minnesota work injury law firm to partner with is one of the most important decisions you’ll make after an accident. You want to hire a firm as driven as you are to seek compensation. However, it may be challenging to instinctively know which firm is best for you. 

So, if you get injured at work, here are some questions you can ask to help you find a suitable firm to work with after an injury.

Has Your Firm Handled a Claim Like Mine Before?

Hiring a reputable firm with years of experience won’t be helpful if they don’t deal with work injury cases. So instead, find a firm that dedicates its energy and skill to work injury claims. 

Go a step further and ask the Minnesota work injury law firm if they’ve ever dealt with a case like yours. For example, maybe you suffered a head injury due to a workplace accident. Ask the firm you’re looking to partner with if they’ve previously handled a head injury claim.

Asking this lets you gauge the firm’s area of specialty and experience. It’s best to choose a firm with prior experience in a work injury case like yours. Having an experienced firm by your side is especially helpful if you’re anxious about the case. 

What Will Your Firm Do for Me?

When looking for a work injury law firm in Minnesota, it is important to ask potential firms what they’ll do for you. There are a variety of benefits that you can derive from the right firm. For instance, lawyers from the firm can explain and defend your legal rights

Sometimes, work injury claims can become complicated. For example, if the case involves a third party. Choose a work injury firm with professionals who can handle even complex cases.  

A work injury firm can help you deal with the paperwork involved in your case. The professionals understand the law. Thus, you don’t have to worry about filing errors. Something else a firm can help you with is gathering evidence to prove your claims. 

What Does Your Minnesota Work Injury Law Firm Expect From Me?

A lawyer isn’t the only one with a part to play in your case. There are things you can do to help your work injury claim. First, ask the Minnesota work injury law firm you’re looking to hire what they expect from you. 

The lawyer may tell you that they need you to follow the doctor’s orders diligently. For example, if you have a knee injury, a physician may tell you to rest to allow healing. If you fail to follow those instructions, you may jeopardize your case. 

The firm may also need you to present any medical bills resulting from the treatment of your work injuries. The bills will help prove your injuries and financial loss.

How Do You Deal With Contacting Clients?

Staying in the loop in your work injury case can provide peace of mind. So, make sure you ask any firm you’re looking to work with how they contact clients. It’s vital to get clear communication to avoid future frustrations, so partner with a firm that will quickly respond when you reach out to them.

Know whether the firm contacts clients via e-mail or phone call. Sometimes, it may be a blend of both. Also, ask how often you will get updates on your case. Good communication is essential in any attorney-client relationship.

How Much Will Your Minnesota Work Injury Law Firm Charge for my Case?

One of the most important questions to ask a firm is what they charge for their services. At our firm, there is no cost of meeting a lawyer to discuss your work injury case. 

We also don’t charge any attorney fees until we obtain workers’ compensation benefits for you. This arrangement is usually known as a contingency fee structure. 

Hire the Right Work Injury Law Firm for You

Sustaining an injury at work can result in high hospital bills, lost wages, and disability. We can help you secure benefits to cover those losses. Contact Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law today to partner with our Minnesota work injury law firm.