Back Injury

Back Injury

No matter your job, back injuries can place significant hardship on you and your family. If you sustained a back injury while completing a task or assignment at your place of employment, you may be entitled to workers compensation.

With any work-related injury, it is important that you report your injury immediately to your employer and seek medical treatment.  It’s crucial that you take these initial steps to protect your interests. With a back injury, the severity of the injury can vary from a strain/sprain to a fracture or herniated disc. In some situations, a back injury may even result in the need for surgery.

Make sure to seek medical care following your work back injury. The doctor can evaluate your condition and determine what needs to be done whether it be diagnostic tests such as MRIs, CT scans or x-rays. They can also determine how it should be treated with medication, injections, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, massage or even potentially surgery. Back pain can come from a variety of different factors including damaged, bulging or torn discs, vertebra out of place or impingement on nerves.

It is important when discussing with your doctors to also evaluate if you are in need of work restrictions. It is imperative that if you are missing time from work because of your work-related injury that you have written restrictions from your doctor so that wage loss benefits can be obtained.

Following a work-related back injury you should talk with a lawyer so as to evaluate your options and make sure you are getting the benefits you deserve.

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