Advise your doctor of your job duties

Group 152

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If you think that your work activities have contributed or caused you to sustain a work injury (i.e. repetitive injury, overuse injury, Gillette injury), it is important that you describe to your doctor what your job duties involve. Your treating physician is there to provide care and often times will not ask or inquire as to the specific cause or mechanism of your injury.

Therefore, it is important that you be honest and upfront with your doctor about the job duties you perform. Make sure to describe items such as what you lift, carry, push, pull, grip or grasp. Describe how often you do a certain task during a day, week or month. Be as specific as possible. In many cases of repetitive or overuse injuries, medical support or an opinion from your doctor tying the work activities to your injury is needed to win your case. The treating doctor must state the work activities were a substantial contributing cause to the injury.