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As a prominent personal injury law firm in Minnesota, Mottaz & Sisk is dedicated to safeguarding folks just like you. If you have suffered serious injuries or the loss of a loved one due to the negligence or carelessness of another, our trial attorneys are here to support you. Our team of personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly for you! Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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At Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law, we understand that after sustaining an injury, your priority is healing and resuming your regular work life. To help you cope during such a demanding period, we pledge to support you. Our role is to shoulder the complexity of navigating through the financial, health-related, career-centered, emotional, and social burdens that you might contend with post-injury. While we realize we might not be able to eliminate all your stress, rest assured, we are firmly committed to securing for you the maximum financial compensation, vocational assistance, and medical benefits permissible under the law.

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Why Hire Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law

Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law, a premier law firm in Minnesota, holds an impressive track record spanning decades, marked by dedicated service and proven success for our clients. As your trusted partner, we will be your voice throughout the legal proceedings. With a deep knowledge of the complexities of the legal landscape, our seasoned legal team is uniquely equipped to strategize towards the successful resolution of your case.

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The Mottaz & Sisk Difference

At Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law, our remarkable team of Minnesota’s foremost work injury and personal injury attorneys are focused on one objective: securing a favorable outcome in your case. With this guiding principle, we tirelessly strive to obtain the best possible results and recover the compensation you truly deserve. Our attention is directed towards you, your unique circumstances, and achieving a successful outcome.

We firmly believe that our impressive track record speaks for itself, and we take immense pride in the accomplishments we have secured for our clients. Recognizing your need for reliable and empathetic legal representation, we invite you to reach out to our team and discover how we can serve you in your pursuit of justice.

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For decades, Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law has helped injured workers get the benefits they are entitled to from their employers and insurance companies. Let us help you today.

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We believe that every injured or disabled worker deserves to know their legal rights under Minnesota law, so they can be on equal footing with the insurance companies and employers. Protect your legal rights for workers’ compensation benefits.

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