Can I Pick My Doctor After a Work Injury?

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If you’re injured on the job and you’re wondering what the parameters are around your treatment, you’re likely interested in learning if you can pick a doctor after a work injury. It’s a completely reasonable request to want to be treated by a physician that you regularly see or at least a doctor that you trust. When you’re able to put your complete trust in your doctor, your treatment plan will be easier to execute and you’ll feel a lot more confident while you’re recovering.

Picking Your Medical Team After a Work Injury

When you’re receiving care, you’re allowed to pick your doctor after a work injury. Be very careful when you’re picking out your doctor, as workers’ compensation insurers won’t allow you to switch out doctors. There are special circumstances where you’re able to find a new doctor, but there’s certain criteria that needs to be met before you receive a new doctor.

When you’re picking your doctor after a work injury, make sure the doctor is a specialist in the area you need to receive care in. If you’re received a foot injury, you shouldn’t be seeking out the treatment of a shoulder specialist. You are able to pick out the doctor of your choosing when you’re first looking around. After a few doctors appointments and visits, if you think switching doctors is in the best interest of your treatment and care, it’s time to make the workers’ compensation insurer aware. 

Guidelines Around Switching Doctors After a Work Injury

When you’re first receiving care from a new doctor and learning their treatment recommendations, it’s important to advocate for yourself. You shouldn’t stick with a doctor because you’re afraid to speak up and say something. If you end up trying to switch doctors later down the road, it’ll be difficult to do so while still receiving the benefits of the workers’ compensation insurer.

There’s certain circumstances and rules surrounding switching doctors. Communicating the reasons behind why you’re looking to switch and find a new doctor in your treatment plan with the insurer can take a while. Oftentimes, you’ll receive a lot of pushback from the insurer. This is because a workers’ compensation insurer wants to avoid you shopping around for doctors while they’re paying for your benefits. 

Recommended Care Practices When Looking to Switch a Doctor After a Work Injury

When you’re looking to switch doctors while receiving workers’ compensation benefits, it’s important to talk with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Discuss all the reasons why you’re looking to switch doctors with your lawyer. These reasons can include:

  • The doctor’s office is too far away from your home.
  • The doctor is not providing the treatment you need.
  • You find another specific reason as to why you’re looking to switch.

In a lot of cases, workers’ compensation insurers won’t support you switching doctors. The workers’ compensation insurer is usually skeptical of the reason behind why you’re looking for a new doctor. As an example, an insurer may believe you’re only looking to switch doctors to try to find a medical professional that’ll provide you with the diagnosis and care you’re looking for.

Getting the Help You Need to Switch Doctors After a Work Injury

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to switch doctors after a work injury. We highly recommend you reach out to our team of experienced and qualified workers’ compensation lawyers to help you fight against the insurer to explain why you need to switch doctors. 

If you’re ready to get the help you need to switch to a different doctor after a workplace injury, contact Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law  today