Can My Employer Retaliate Against Me For Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim In Minnesota

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Let’s imagine a scenario. You’re David, an equipment operator for a construction company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One day at work, you sustain a severe hand injury while operating machinery. The harsh reality hits- you might be out of work for weeks or months during recovery. Anxiety creeps higher when contemplating how to handle mounting medical bills on top of regular living expenses. Then the worrisome thought – “What if my employer retaliates against me for filing a workers’ comp claim?” 


The fear of retaliation may loom large, but recognizing your rights is crucial at this crossroads. 


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Fighting Fear with Fact: Minnesota’s Stance on Workers Compensation Claims

In Minnesota, employers are prohibited by law from retaliating against employees who opt to file workers’ compensation claims following work-related injuries. An element that must be underscored is working with a credible and experienced ‘Minnesota workers’ comp lawyer’. They will ensure you get the justice and compensation under the law.

You’ve made that first step by considering legal representation through choosing a suitable workers compensation attorney as part of your process management strategy. Now let’s explore further steps on the path towards success:

  1. Make sure all incidents of work injuries are reported promptly

  2. Document interactions and details about possible retaliation

  3. Maintain records highlighting safety observations 

  4. Have copies of workplace safety regulations 

Tips on Selecting An Experienced Minnesota Workers’ Comp Lawyer

When selecting a work injury attorney advocate, attention should be given to their track record handling similar cases, reputation within local community and capability in handling tough litigation scenes with jittery employers or complex cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Actions such as termination, demotion, harassment or discrimination can be considered as retaliation.

Consult with your chosen Minnesota workers’ comp lawyer to explore potential legal proceedings.
It is advisable to file as promptly and reasonably possible after documenting work injury details adequately.
Yes. Every employee can apply for workers’ compensation benefits whenever injured while on duty at work.
No. Employers are prohibited from firing employees off leave due to legitimate workplace injuries except under extenuating circumstances (Eg- Company layoffs)

Work with a Minnesota Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

Don’t let baseless fears dissuade you from rightfully claiming what you deserve! Working with an experienced Minnesota workers’ comp lawyer, understanding laws specific to Minneapolis, and, more importantly, knowing & safeguarding one’s rights during hard times will guide you through the complex litigation process smoothly.


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