Do I need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to Represent me for my Injury, Even if my Claim is Small?

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In most cases, the most pressing need for a lawyer comes when benefits are being denied. Even in cases when the denial involves a small amount of money or tiny bill, it is still money or benefits that are owed to you. In workers’ compensation cases, the law is set up to assist injured workers in their ability to obtain legal counsel to represent them even when it is a small claim.

Because workers’ compensation lawyers work off of contingency fees, there is a “no recovery unless you recover” philosophy. Even if the claim involves a small amount of medical bills, a workers’ compensation lawyer is still allowed to ask the court to obtain legal fees if they are successful in getting those medical benefits awarded. Additionally, there is a provision within the law which allows for reimbursement of attorney fees back to the injured worker if the attorney is successful in obtaining attorney fees.

Even if the injured worker believes that the case is small, it is a good idea to discuss the matter with a workers’ compensation lawyer.

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