How Do I Collect my Lost Wages?

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Following a work-related injury an employer and insurer are required to pay for lost wages due to your work injury if your disability lasts longer than three days. The law requires that the employer and insurer file appropriate documents and notify you as to whether or not they will be paying or denying the claim. Sadly, in some cases, this does not happen. As such, the injured worker is left without any knowledge or understanding as to why they are not receiving their lost wages.

An injured worker may want to contact an experience workers’ compensation lawyer to better assess whether or not he or she would be entitled to lost wages following their work injury. The injured worker may also contact the Department of Labor and Industry and speak with an ombudsman who can get in contact with the employer and insurer so that the appropriate documents are, in fact, filed.

If after a work-related injury you are not working, you may be entitled to temporary total disability benefits. If you are working and are suffering a wage loss, you may then be entitled to temporary partial disability benefits. For more information regarding the types of workers’ compensation benefits that are available take a look our FAQ page.

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