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My work activities over time have caused a repetitive injury, what should I do?

Not every work injury in Minnesota is the result of an accident or specific trauma. At times, the injury is the result of work activities performed over time. These types of injuries typically result due to the wear and tear that repetitive activities and motions cause on the body. In Minnesota, these types of injuries are caused “Gillette” injuries.  

Even performing seemingly simple tasks and activities may cause people to develop repetitive injuries. These types of muscle, nerve, tendon and ligament injuries, may be temporary or permanent. Depending on the type and severity of their conditions people who suffer from repetitive injury conditions may need to alter their job duties or take time off of work to recover.

Getting Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Benefits

As is the case with other workers who are injured on the job, those who suffer repetitive injuries may also be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Injured workers may receive medical benefits, portion of their lost wages resulting from time off of work, or on restricted duty, for recovery, permanent partial disability and vocational assistance. In order to get these benefits an injured worker who believes they have suffered a repetitive injury or Gillette injury should perform the following:

  1. Report your Gillette Injury to your employer.
  2. Get Medical Treatment.
  3. Discuss Your Work Activities and Injury with their Doctor.
  4. Talk with a Work Injury Attorney

 Since repetitive injuries typically cannot be attributed to a particular incident, it can be difficult for some Minnesota workers to prove their conditions are work-related. As such, those who have developed this type of occupational injury should seek legal counsel. An attorney can advise them of their rights, and help guide them through the workers’ compensation claims process.