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What is a Gillette injury under Minnesota workers' compensation?

Under Minnesota workers’ compensation law, overexertion/cumulative trauma/repetitive-type injuries are typically referred to as “Gillette” type injuries. Compensation is allowed for injuries that occur as a result of repetitive minute trauma brought about by the performance of ordinary job duties. As a general rule, a Gillette injury culminates when the cumulative effect of repetitive trauma is sufficiently serious to disable the employee from further work. The date of disability resulting from a Gillette injury may be arrived at by considering various “ascertainable event.” These include the date on which an employee’s job duties are changed to accommodate his work restrictions, the date surgery is recommended, or the date an employee becomes unable to continue working.

If you believe that you have suffered an overexertion or repetitive-type injury, it is important that you report your injury to your employer.  Failure to report your injury when it is known or thought to be known to be work-related could be a bar to workers’ compensation benefits.    It is also important to seek medical care and treatment to document your condition.  

 You should know your rights under the law as it relates to these types of Gillette injuries.  Our office offers free consultations to provide you with the necessary information so you can move through the workers’ compensation system and get the benefits that you deserve.  Feel free to contact our office for a free no-hassle consultation.