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What is a QRC and how do I get one?

Vocational rehabilitation benefits are designed to assist the injured worker returning to former employment or to a job related to that employment. In the alternative, rehabilitation services assist the injured employee to return to a job in another work area, which produces an economic status as close as possible to that enjoyed but for the disability. This assistance may include direct job placement, on-the-job training or formal retraining. Rehabilitation services can include the use of a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (“QRC”) to help with medical management, return to work, and job placement.

What is a QRC and how do I get one?

One of the benefits that are offered to injured workers in Minnesota is the assistance of a QRC or a qualified rehabilitation consultant. The job of a QRC is to help the injured worker in getting them back to work with the date of injury employer, either in their original job or in a new position within the employer. If the employee cannot go back to work with the same employer, and they are allowed to return to work, job placement services may be initiated to help the worker look for work.

How do I go about getting a QRC?

An injured worker has the right to choose their own QRC. Often times, if an employee does not choose one-  whether they know they can or not – the workers’ compensation insurance company may assign one. Don’t allow the insurance company to choose a “bad” QRC for you. Contact our office to today and we can help you choose the right QRC for you.  In most cases, it is not until much later on in the case do you realize that the QRC is not looking out for your best interests. Unfortunately, only in extreme circumstances can the QRC be changed. This typically requires an Order from the court. Consequently, it is important to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you choose the right QRC from the beginning.

Even if the QRC has been put on the file, the injured worker has 60 days to select a new QRC if they so desire. Unfortunately, the telltales of a bad QRC don’t typically come to light until well beyond the 60-day period. Therefore, it is important to talk to a knowledgeable MN work comp attorney as to whether a certain QRC is right for you. Jerry would be happy to assist you in finding a QRC.

Things to Remember:

  • If rehabilitation services are thought to be helpful, you are to request an initial consultation with a QRC.
  • An initial rehabilitation consultation is to be provided to you upon request. Once a consultation is requested, the employer must provide a QRC unless a waiver is filed by the employer.
  • You have a right to choose a QRC at the beginning of rehabilitation services or within 60 days following the filing of the rehabilitation plan.