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Do I need to report my work injury?

For every compensable work-related injury there is a reported injury. In other words you must report your injury to the employer. Failure to report your injury in a timely fashion can result in a bar to workers compensation benefits. Regardless of whether the injury is a slip and fall, trip and fall, herniated disc or a Gillette type injury, you should always report your injury as soon as possible to the employer.

To receive Minnesota worker’s compensation benefits, the injured worker must show they provided notice of the injury to the employer, or that the employer had actual knowledge of the injury, with in 180 days as allowed under Minnesota statute 176.141. This does not require that you fill out any paperwork or a first report of injury but instead that you provided notice either verbally or in written form.

Notice must be given when it becomes “reasonably apparent” dad in injury has resulted in, or is likely to cause, a compensable disability. Oftentimes, with cumulative trauma injuries or Gillette type injuries that may be difficult to know when you may have sustained an injury. Gillette injuries require that notice does not have to be given until the injured worker, as a reasonable person, should recognize the nature and seriousness and probable compensable character of their injury or disease. In other words, you believe that you’ve got work-related injury should report it.

A Minnesota worker’s compensation attorney can help provide you advice as to whether notice was appropriately given. If you have sustained a work-related injury would like to discuss whether you provided notice contact today for free no hassle consultation.