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My workers’ compensation checks are late, what can I do?

Workers’ compensation insurance companies must follow the deadlines in Minnesota to avoid penalties and sanctions. They are required to issue payments and respond to requests in a timely fashion. 

If you are receiving payments or late checks there are several options:

  1. Contact the adjuster: The adjuster may not know that the checks are late. In some cases, direct deposit could be used to make sure payments are issued timely.
  2. Contact the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry: A workers’ compensation specialist with the MN DOLI can help in contacting the adjuster and making sure they are complying with the law. In some situations they may direct you to obtain legal council if they are not able to get adequate responses from workers’ compensation. Also, a penalty can be brought, at your request, by the Special Compensation Fund with the Department of Labor and Industry. A complaint can be made and an investigation with be undertaken to determine what, if any, checks have been issued late. The Department of Labor and Industry may then issue a penalty which would then be payable to you. 
  3. Contact a work injury attorney: In some situations where the checks are continuously late or not even being paid at all, a work injury attorney can help by filing a claim for benefits along with penalties. 

Our office offers free consultations and would be happy to discuss your legal options.