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My workers compensation checks are not the correct amount, what can I do?

Workers’ compensation insurance companies must follow Minnesota workers’ compensation law when it comes to the correct amount of benefits. 

If you believe your payments or checks are not the correct amount you have several options:

  1. Contact the adjuster: The adjuster may not know that the checks are not correct. Sometimes a phone call can help resolve the issue.
  2. Contact the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry: A workers’ compensation specialist with the MN DOLI can help in contacting the adjuster and making sure they are complying with the law. In some situations they may direct you to obtain legal council if they are not able to get adequate responses from workers’ compensation. 
  3. Contact a work injury attorney: A work injury attorney can help you determine whether you are getting the correct amount. If appropriate an attorney can file a Claim Petition to get you the correct amount of workers’ compensation benefits. Sometimes the insurer disputes the AWW, duration of benefits, etc requiring the filing of a claim for benefits. 

Our office offers free consultations and would be happy to discuss your legal options with you.