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Can the employer tell me not to report a work injury?

An employer cannot tell you to not report an injury. In fact telling your employer is your only legal obligation when it comes to reporting an injury. You have no obligation to fill out a First Report of Injury – that is the employer’s and insurer’s responsibility. 

If your employer tells you not to report an injury and refuses to take action on your injury you have a few options:

Contact the Minnesota Department of Labor Industry. They can provide you the necessary workers’ compensation information. You can then attempt to contact the insurer and provide them the necessary information so benefits can be paid. 

Contact a workers’ compensation attorney. In most situations if your employer is refusing to cooperate it may be a good idea to speak with an attorney about your legal options. A Claim Petition may need to be filed in order to get you workers’ compensation benefits. 

In some cases, if the employer is refusing you the right to bring a claim you may have additional claims beyond just workers’ compensation. In Minnesota any person in any manner intentionally obstructing an employee seeking workers’ compensation benefits is liable in a civil action for damages. An experienced work injury attorney can help you determine whether you may have additional claims.