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When is a good time to speak with a workers' compensation attorney?


The old adage is that the best time to talk to a lawyer is when you don’t actually need one. Some of the reasons why you may want to speak to a lawyer include:

1. You Want to Get the Facts

A licensed lawyer that practices in workers’ compensation can tell you about the applicable laws that apply to your case. Looking for information online may yield inaccurate or outdated information. A professional can provide current information and relevant information.

2. You Want to Ease Your Mind

Not knowing is sometimes the worst feeling in the world. It is often better to know what you are facing even if this involves negative information. To remove the feeling of paralysis, many people consult with a lawyer to learn about their options.

3. You Need to Know Options

A lawyer can provide an objective set of information about the options available in your case along with the pros and cons of each option.

4. You Want to Avoid Mistakes 

While legal information is widely available on the Internet, this information is often not accurate. Even if the information is accurate, the law is a complex area that requires strict adherence to deadlines, filing requirements and procedures. Sometimes doing the work yourself can be much more expensive because then you have to hire a lawyer to fix your mistakes.

Mottaz & Sisk offers free consultations for injured workers and their families to discuss their legal options. If you wish to discuss a potential case, please feel free to contact our office or calling 763.421.8226.