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Why hire a work injury attorney?

Why Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Seeking help from a workers’ compensation lawyer may be one of the best things you can do following a work-related injury.  Often times, an injured worker’s interaction with a lawyer following a work injury is the first time they have ever needed to speak with a lawyer.  You may wonder how much it costs, what are the details, how are the attorney fees paid.

When Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer can occur any time after a work-related injury.  Sometimes hiring a lawyer immediately after a work injury is the best thing to do.  An experienced lawyer can protect your legal rights and entitlement to benefits.  Furthermore, a lawyer can protect the injured worker from certain harassment following an injury and make sure that the worker is not being taken advantage of by the insurance company.

What Can a Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Attorney do for me that I can’t do on my own?

An experienced work comp lawyer can do many things, including:

• Make sure that you receive all of the work comp benefits that you are owed.

• Meet with you free of charge.

• Deal with the employer and the insurer so you can recover.

• Assist in getting you a larger work comp settlement.

• Protect your legal rights and entitlement to benefits. 

• Make sure that you get the appropriate medical support to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

• Challenge an adverse independent medical examination report.

Why Hire Mottaz & Sisk to Represent me? 

Insurance companies are in the business to make money.  As such, they routinely deny benefits.  Insurance companies will deny benefits in hopes that the injured worker will go away, quit their employer, settle for less, or just give up.  An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can assist the injured worker in challenging the denials or disputes in court and get you the benefits that you are owed under the law.

Following an injury, dealing with your employer can be extremely difficult.  Even if the employee has been a long-time and very good employee, the employer or insurance company may not do the right thing.  Many injured workers find themselves in a difficult place as they are having to go back to work with restrictions, perform duties outside of their normal job or told to return to work without restrictions.

One of our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can help you deal with your employer and insurance company so you can focus on getting better.  A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you resolve minor to even large problems without filing litigation.

A lawyer can be that extra person in your corner to help you get back on the road to recovery. 

Following a work injury, insurance companies don’t disclose all of the workers’ compensation benefits available to you, including wage loss, medical treatment, and vocational rehabilitation.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys can meet with you and go over your specific case and determine whether you are receiving all of the benefits that you are owed.

When you decide to meet with our office, you will meet with an experience workers’ compensation. One of the lawyers will meet with you free of charge.  If you decide to retain the lawyer, the fees are handled on a contingency fee basis.  If there is wage loss or permanent partial disability benefits paid to you.  In cases where there are medical or vocational benefits at dispute, the attorney is allowed to seek attorney fees, not from you, but directly from the insurance company.

When you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer, there are no fees unless we recover for you. 

After an injury, an insurance company may send you for an independent medical examination or an adverse examination.  Under the law, you are required to attend the examination.  Although the law calls them independent medical examinations, they are not truly independent as the doctors are selected by the insurance company and often times routinely do these examinations at the request of the insurance company.  The insurance companies use the same doctors and get the same types of reports.  Sadly, an independent medical examination can be the basis for which an employer and insurer use to deny and stop benefits.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers will fight the report.  Our lawyers are experienced and are willing to take all of the necessary steps, including meeting with your doctors, taking depositions, and trying your case in order for you to get the benefits you deserve.

An injured worker should be leery of attempting to settle a workers’ compensation case on their own.  In most cases, you will get a larger settlement with the help of an experienced knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer.  An insurance company knows that if they make an offer, that an injured worker may accept it, as in most cases they are facing financial trouble, behind in bills, or are not aware of their rights under the law.

An attorney can advise you of the value of your case and you obtaining a lawyer will pay for itself.

Many firms try and settle your case quickly without advising you of the consequences of the actions.  Our office makes sure that you are aware of your legal rights and your entitlement to benefits.  We make sure that you have a full understanding of what it is that you are receiving and what it is that you are potentially giving up.  Our office will make sure that you know and understand your rights.

Let us be your advocate. 

The insurance company knows your rights, do you?  Talk to a Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyer today by calling (855) 354-2667.  It is a free consultation and there is no obligation to retain a lawyer.  You can discuss your case with a lawyer and obtain the advice you need to get your life back on track.