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Who is more likely to be exposed to COVID-19 as result of their work activities?

Healthcare workers. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nurse assistants, and all other healthcare workers treating and interacting with patients with COVID-19 are at risk of becoming infected and should have a strong claim for workers’ compensation if they become ill. Healthcare workers, even if they are not working directly with known COIVD-19 patients, have a higher risk than the general population of being exposed and should be covered by workers’ compensation if they become sick.

First responders. EMTs, firefighters, and law enforcement officers are required in their jobs to encounter people who may be infected, putting them at risk. If a first responder contracts COVID-19, he or she should be covered by workers’ compensation.

Nursing home employees. Workers who support our most vulnerable population, whether they are healthcare workers, housekeeping staff, or food service employees, are also on the front lines of this virus.

Hospital workers. COVID-19 can live on surfaces for several days. That means that the people who clean-up after patients in hospitals and clinics are facing hazardous conditions and are at a higher risk of becoming infected with the virus.

Factory workers/Meat packers. In some cases, factories lack the ability to have appropriate separation which causes many workers to work near one another. Additionally, if the factory has poor ventilation or inappropriate handwashing facilities, the workers are at a higher risk of contracting the virus because of their work.

Delivery Drivers. Potential sources of exposure include having close contact with individuals with COVID-19 when picking up or delivering food or groceries, or by touching surfaces touched or handled by a person with COVID-19. This places these types of workers at an increased risk.