Keeping track of your out-of-pocket expenses

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When an injured worker has a compensable work related injury, the employer and insurer are responsible for paying for any reasonable travel expenses incurred when receiving medical treatment including mileage, co-pays, parking, and, if necessary, lodging and meals. This is also true if an employer has the injured worker submit to an independent medical examination.

The injured worker should make sure to keep track of these items along with receipts. A useful tool to use for calculating mileage is Mapquest.

Mileage as of January 1, 2009 is paid at 55 cents a mile. If trip calls for a meal, DOLI allows meal reimbursement as follows:

  • Breakfast – $7
  • Lunch – $9
  • Dinner – $15

An injured worker should keep these limits in mind when submitting claims for out of pocket expenses. Claims should be submitted on a monthly basis.

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