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Short-Term Disability Lawyers in Minneapolis

Appeal Your Denied Short-Term Disability Benefits

If you suffered an injury in Minneapolis, your primary concern may not only be getting better but getting back to work. However, because certain injuries and conditions take longer to resolve, it is not always possible to get back to the job quickly. As a result, many people often turn to short-term disability benefits to get through this challenging time.

However, not everyone that applies for this type of insurance is given the help they need. Many people are often denied these benefits and are left to figure out how to get through this difficult ordeal by themselves. That is why in these situations, it is important to work with an experienced short-term disability law firm, such as Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law. Our short-term disability attorneys are not only here to help you with these issues, including your work and non-work-related injuries, but our attorneys for short-term disability can:

  • Provide you with free consultations and case reviews.
  • Provide you with regular updates about your case.
  • Provide you with the caring and compassionate legal services your case requires.
  • Work hard to go after the outcome you need and the benefits you are entitled to.

Plus, when you work with our attorneys for short-term disability, you will not have to pay any attorney fees unless you recover the compensation you need.

That is why, if you require legal help with your short-term disability application or need further information regarding your claim, reach out to a short-term disability attorney at Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law for the legal assistance you need. Our short-term disability appeal attorneys can walk you through this complicated process, stand by your side every step of the way, and fight for the money you deserve.

Short-Term Disability Denial Attorneys

Although you may look to short-term disability insurance because you are worried about your bills after you cannot work for several months after an injury or illness prevented you from getting the paycheck you need. Obtaining this money is often not as easy as many people assume it will be. In fact, many times, even if you did everything right and filled out the application correctly, you can still get these benefits denied.

Thankfully, with the law firm of Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law taking on this issue on your behalf, you will not have to work through this devastating ordeal alone. Instead, our short-term disability attorneys can not only assist you in challenging these denials and disputes, but we can also go after the benefits you are owed under the law.

For instance, once our short-term disability appeal attorneys are hired, we can:

  • Review all the available information you have, including the initial application, the denial letter, and the description of your plan benefits, so that we can determine what caused the denial.
  • Review the insurance company’s explanation of their decision to deny your claim, including the rules and regulations they relied upon, and go over the information they provided you about any additional appeals process.
  • Help you seek disability benefits after your initial denial, figure out what rights you have, and even assist you in going after past interest and attorney’s fees.

Best of all, our short-term disability insurance attorneys will try to take care of these issues without subjecting you to litigation, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most, including your healing and recovery.

Short-Term Disability Insurance Lawyers

Even though many people believe that insurance companies are there to help them to get the money they need when they need it most, such as after an injury or a disability prevents them from being able to work. This is not how insurance companies work. Insurance companies are a business, and like other businesses, they want to make money. This means that when these insurers offer you less money than you deserve or deny your short-term disability claim altogether, the more profit they can make in the long run. For these reasons, these companies will look for anything they can to use against you to deny your claim.

Fortunately, with Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law on your side, you will not have to take on these insurance companies alone. Instead, our short-term disability attorneys can:

  • Provide you the legal support you need to determine whether you qualify for short-term disability, craft a compelling claim, and work towards the benefits you need.
  • Handle all the discussions and negotiations with the insurance company.
  • Protect your legal rights and fight for the benefits you deserve.
  • Ensure that the appropriate forms and documents are submitted and there are no delays in filing this paperwork.

More importantly, our short-term disability insurance attorneys are here to answer all of your questions and concerns about whether you qualify for these disability benefits and offer you a free consultation to determine what legal steps you need to take next. For these reasons, do not wait to reach out to a short-term disability appeal attorney for further information.

What to Do if Your Short-Term Disability Claim is Denied?

Short-term disability typically acts as a safety net for workers and their families who need financial help during a challenging time in their life. However, when these claims get denied, the process of appealing them can become a tough and tedious ordeal.

In general, these short-term disability claims are often denied because:

  • The condition is not covered: Before applying for short-term disability benefits, you first need to make sure your policy covers your condition. For instance, if you are looking for short-term disability benefits for childbirth by C-section, some policies may cover them while others will not. If the condition is not covered, your benefits application will likely get denied.
  • No adequate medical evidence: Even if your condition or disability is expected to last for a short time, you are still required to obtain medical proof that will show that you cannot work. If the insurance company finds that you did not provide enough evidence to demonstrate this, they will likely deny your short-term disability claim.
  • The insurance company does not believe you: Insurance companies will often investigate your claim to determine if you are telling the truth. For example, they may check your social media accounts, talk to your family and friends, and even follow you around to see if they can find anything that contradicts your application so that they can deny your claim.
  • Not actively working: Almost every disability insurance policy requires that you be “actively at work” at the time the disability arises. Most of these policies even indicate that the coverage will continue if the disability arises on a regularly scheduled vacation, holiday, or weekend. However, issues often come up if the disability occurs while the insured is on a leave of absence, such as when they are not working because they are taking care of a sick family member.

However, if the insurance company denies you a short-term disability claim for any of these reasons, it does not necessarily mean your fight is over. You may be able to pursue an appeal to try to overturn this decision. Yet, when taking on this appeal, it is often in your best interest to work with an experienced short-term disability attorney. These short-term disability insurance attorneys can not only help you overcome this denial, but they can also go after the benefits and money you need.

Short-Term Disability Lawyers

Appeal Your Denied Short-Term Disability Benefits

Employer-sponsored benefits are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and are usually subject to strict regulations. This means that if your short-term disability was denied, you can appeal the decision, but you must follow specific procedures that include filing the appeal before time expires. The general timeframe for these appeals is 180 days, but some plans may provide additional time. In addition, when filing the appeal, you may also be required to submit other documentation to show that you qualify for these disability benefits.

However, for those going through this stressful situation, preparing a new application and gathering this new evidence is probably the last thing they want to worry about. Thankfully, when these individuals retain an experienced short-term disability insurance attorney to take on this appeal, they will not have to worry about tackling this complex legal process themselves.

Instead, with Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law on their team, our short-term disability appeal attorneys can handle all these steps for them and fight for the successful outcome they need. That is why if your short-term disability benefits claim has been denied, do not wait any longer to secure legal help. Rather, contact Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law today for a free case consultation and find out how our short-term disability insurance attorneys can assist you.

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