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Minnesota Social Security Disability

Long Term Social Security Disability Attorneys

Using your social security disability insurance benefits can, in many cases, be more difficult than expected. Often, simply finding out what benefits you have available can be exhausting. Add in the challenges of your disability and the likelihood of appeals, and you may find yourself wondering how you will get the benefits you need. Working with a Minnesota SSI/SSDI lawyer can help give you a better idea how to navigate the legal process.

What Is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)?

Social security disability insurance offers a steady source of payments to you and/or specific family members if you have:

  • Worked recently enough to qualify
  • Worked long enough to qualify
  • Paid social security taxes on the income you received during that period

SSDI is intended for people who have a disability anticipated to last for at least one year, or that will likely result in death.

What Is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

Supplemental security income is intended to provide a source of livelihood for those who suffer from a serious disability. Supplemental security income offers a minimum base income for:

  • Older adults
  • People with disabilities regardless of age

These individuals generally qualify because of relatively limited income, or resources that can provide assistance as needed. Supplemental security income can make it possible for these parties to live more independently.

How Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

You can qualify for SSDI or SSI based on your disability level, and whether you have met specific requirements. In order to qualify for SSDI payments, you must meet these qualifications:

  • If you are over 31, you have worked for at least five years out of a ten year period ending the quarter your disability began.
  • If you are under 31, you have worked for a reasonable number of years based on your current age and disability.
  • You have paid into social security during that period of time.
  • You have suffered a disability, including an injury or disabling condition, that you anticipate lasting for at least a year.

Been Denied Social Security Benefits? Mottaz & Sisk Is Here to Help

Social security disability insurance exists to help provide an essential level of security to people who may have suffered from a disabling condition. Commonly these conditions prevent them from working, and gaining income for a period of time equal to at least a year.

Many SSI and SSDI cases are denied initially. It’s important, however, to appeal within 60 days of denial, so you can increase the odds of having your claim accepted and getting the compensation you need.

Hiring an attorney can help increase your odds of success in appeal as they help lay out your disability, explain why you need SSI or SSDI benefits, and verify that all of your paperwork is accurate and has been filled out correctly. At Mottaz & Sisk, we have represented hundreds of claimants for social security benefits.

We help guide you through the appeals process.

We know what the appeals process looks like from the inside out, from what evidence you may need to show in order to establish the extent of your disability to how long it may take to get your claim approved.

We can help you get the medical records and other information you may need to support your disability claim.

Proving that you have a qualified disability can prove essential to your case. We help you access vital records that can help with your appeal.

We can help access information from the social security file.

We will update you with the status of your case, so we can work together in navigating the legal process as efficiently as possible to include qualifications and approval delays.

We help prepare you and any witnesses for potential hearings and other challenges.

We make sure you know what to expect at each step of the process, and work to help you increase the odds that you will win your appeal.

Long Term Social Security Disability Claim Attorneys

Mottaz & Sisk: Experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys

You have social security disability insurance for a reason. We aim to help increase the odds that you will receive the benefits you deserve, and ultimately win your appeal. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients with their social security cases, and the legal team at Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law is prepared to assist you. Contact us today to learn more.

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