Repetitive Injury

Gillette Injury

There are many job and occupations that require repeated motions. These motions can result in wear and tear on the body resulting in a repetitive injury or work injury. A repetitive injury or Gillette injury can be caused by a variety of work factors. These types of injuries can develop within a matter of minutes or within a matter of years. Repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel are typically referred to as “Gillette” injuries in Minnesota. A Gillette injury is an injury resulting from repeated trauma or aggravation of a preexisting medical condition.

Various occupational ergonomic factors are involved in repetitive or Gillette type injuries.

The factors can include:

  • High Task Repetition and Inappropriate Work / Rest Cycles
  • Forces and Forceful Exertions
  • Positions of the Wrist and Arm and Awkward Postures
  • Mechanical Stress Concentrations / Contact Trauma
  • Vibration
  • Exposure to Cold
  • Lead

The risk of developing upper extremity cumulative trauma disorders and injuries increases with the number of risk factors present. Jobs that combine high force and high repetition pose the greatest risk.

It is important that you discuss your job duties with your doctor if you believe you have a work injury. Also, it is important that you notify your employer of your injury, as failing to notify your employer may cause you to lose out on work comp benefits. By calling our office we will provide you with the necessary guidance so you can protect your right to work comp benefits.

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