What is the Employer responsibility for employee work injury?

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What is the Employer responsibility for employee work injury? Every employer is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for its employees under Minnesota workers compensation law unless there is an exception. Employees are those typically performing services for another for hire. Employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for conditions caused or aggravated by a work injury or activity. Workers’ comp benefits are paid by the insurance company or the employer, if they are self-insured.

After an Employer and Insurer have been notified of a work related injury, and the disability lasts longer than three days, the insurer is responsible for admitting or denying your claim. They must send out a Notice of Insurers Primary Liability Determination indicating the same.

  • If accepted, they must pay benefits within the required time.
  • If denied, they must explain to you why your claim is being denied.

Workers Compensation Insurers are responsible for paying for the following benefits

  • Wage loss benefits, including temporary total, temporary partial and permanent total disability benefits.
  • Permanent partial disability or benefits for functional impairment or permanent loss of function of a body part.
  • Dependency benefits if a spouse or dependent dies from a work injury.
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits if you are found to be a qualified employee. This may include retraining.
  • Medical care and treatment.

Denied benefits? Do you have questions regarding what benefits you are owed?

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