What Are Common Types of Work Injuries in Minnesota?

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Common types of work injuries in Minnesota range from lacerations to more severe injuries like head trauma. If you’re a worker under the law, you can obtain workers’ compensation benefits in case of an injury.

Injuries can occur because of the work you do or worsen because of your job. You might be wondering which work injuries are compensable. Here is a list of some of the most prevalent work injuries.

Types of Work Injuries in Minnesota Caused by a Specific Event

Some injuries happen because of a specific activity at work. For example, your job may involve some heavy lifting. When picking up a heavy item, you may suffer a back injury causing you pain. 

Work equipment accounts for a significant portion of all injuries at the workplace. You may get hit by equipment or caught in it. Alternatively, falling materials at work may harm anyone caught below. All these accidents can cause severe injuries, including:

  • Head injuries (concussion, traumatic brain injury, etc.)
  • Neck injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Fractures

You may also slip, trip, and fall while on the job. These incidents can happen because of a wet floor, loose flooring, and debris on the ground. Falls are also common in jobs where workers frequently use ladders and stairs.

If your work injury in Minnesota happened because of a specific event at work, you can recover workers’ compensation benefits. These types of work injuries and their causes are easy to identify.

Types of Work Injuries Caused by Repetitive Trauma in Minnesota

In many occupations, employees carry out repetitive motions. For example, typing in an administrative assistant role and heavy lifting in construction. Repetitive movements are harmful in the long run because they wear out your body, leading to a potential work injury.

Work injuries in Minnesota related to repetitive trauma are compensable. A few common types of work injuries resulting from repetitive motions are:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: Caused by pressure on the median nerve in the arm.
  • Back injuries: Common in occupations requiring repetitive bending or stooping.
  • Tendinitis: Caused by inflammation or irritation of a tendon.
  • Hearing problems: Common in noisy work environments.

Consequential Injuries and Aggravation of Pre-Existing Conditions

You may suffer an injury or develop a medical condition while away from work because of an injury that happened while at work. These types of work injuries are usually known as consequential injuries because they are secondary conditions that occur due to an original injury. 

Consequential injuries happen in a variety of ways. For example, you may have a knee injury that resulted from your occupation. Then, while you’re at home recovering, your weak and injured knee gives out, and you fall, tearing a tendon. The torn tendon is a consequential injury for which you can recover compensation. 

Additionally, a work injury may aggravate a pre-existing condition. Take, for example, an employee who already had a back injury. If they fall at work, their pre-existing back injury may worsen. Having a pre-existing injury doesn’t exclude you from receiving compensation for workplace injuries.

Occupational Diseases

According to the National Safety Council, a worker gets injured every seven seconds on the job. You may develop a disease as a result of your job. An illness like this is usually referred to as an occupational disease. In Minnesota, you may be eligible for compensation for work injuries resulting from your employment. 

Occupational illnesses happen because of repetitive exposure to harmful things in your workplace. An example of this type of disease is mesothelioma which results from asbestos exposure. It is a type of aggressive cancer that can cause death.  

People working in certain occupations are more susceptible to illnesses caused by exposure to harmful substances. These occupations include those dealing with construction, maintenance, and natural resources. Other occupational diseases include vision loss, heart disease, and lung problems.

Idiopathic Injuries

The cause of some work injuries may be unknown. These injuries may have a relation to the person’s place of work or not. For this reason, it’s difficult to tell if the person can recover compensation for these types of work injuries under the law.

Start the Process of Recovering Compensation for Your Work Injury Today

Injuries can happen in any occupation. When they do, they can result in lost income, high medical bills, and disability. Luckily, you can recover workers’ compensation benefits for your losses. Contact Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law in Minnesota for help with seeking compensation for all types of work injuries.