Workers’ Compensation Mediation

Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law is proud to provide reliable workers’ compensation mediation services in Minnesota. We make the scheduling of mediations hassle-free while avoiding the stress of deep investigations and lengthy legal trials. Put your trust in the dedicated legal mediators at Mottaz & Sisk to finalize your case once and for all. Contact our team of Minnesota attorneys today to schedule a mediation.

Here to Assist You After a Work Injury

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The attorneys at Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law are accomplished in a wide range of practice areas, including workers’ compensation mediations. Since going to court can be costly and time-consuming for employers, insurers, and injured workers alike, many opt for mediation to resolve issues without embroiling everyone in a lengthy legal battle.

Our Minnesota mediation services are one of the best ways to find a solution for your work injury and workers’ compensation issues. You receive an objective perspective on the problem from an experienced third party, helping all involved groups reach a fair agreement after the injury. Keep things civil and stress-free instead of taking your case to court with our outstanding mediation services for Minnesota workers.

Our mediators are skilled at using negotiation tools to bridge the gaps during mediation and moving the parties to common ground. Our mediators will travel to your office or a mutual agreeable location. We also offer mediations at our office both in-person and virtual.

What to Expect During Workers’ Compensation Mediation

Working with Mottaz & Sisk INjury Law during work injury mediation processes is a reliable way to resolve issues civilly and achieve a positive outcome that satisfies all parties. Tom Mottaz works closely with each client to understand the situation thoroughly and ensure that every mediation step goes smoothly. Some aspects our Minnesota mediation attorneys can assist with include:

  • Organizing and outlining the facts of each case
  • Estimating damages associated with the work injury
  • Drafting and submitting legal documents to the court
  • Mediating all issues required by the court between employers and complainants
  • Helping clients maintain compliance with all agreements determined during mediation
  • Achieving fair results that all parties feel confident with after mediation concludes


Taking legal action can be confusing under any circumstances, but seeking the support of a mediator can make the experience seamless. Working with a dedicated mediator helps simplify processes. With help from an experienced mediator at Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law, you won’t have to worry about anything – we’re here to assist from start to finish.

Do I Need a Mediator in Minnesota?

Although mediation is required to resolve legal issues related to work injuries in some states, the mediation process is optional in Minnesota. All parties must be agreeable and voluntarily partake in Minnesota mediation proceedings. Many other tactics to resolve workers’ compensation disputes are also gaining traction, including routes like alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, or an outright settlement of the situation.


While mediation is not compulsory in the state of Minnesota, the process can prove significantly beneficial in resolving several legal issues, including workers’ compensation claims. There are many ways to tackle work injury cases in Minnesota, and mediation might be the best choice for your circumstances. Contact Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law today to speak with a dedicated mediation lawyer and learn more about this popular option from our outstanding legal team.

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Our Minnesota Mediation Lawyers Make Your Life Easier

Mediation is an excellent way to maintain objectiveness and civil communication amongst parties while seeking compensation or justice for a work injury situation. Tom Mottaz is an accomplished lawyer with vast experience in work injury mediations, making it much easier to resolve issues and achieve a settlement. If you’re looking for a stress-free way to resolve your dispute, let Mottaz & Sisk Injury Law help. Get in touch with our experienced team to schedule a mediation consultation with Tom Mottaz today.